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SFR Shops LLC or sold damaged goods, did not uphold delivery date, blamed the shipping company, would not return inquiries in a timely manner, lied and stated we would get refund and now they are saying we will have to pay shipping when we no longer have product, won't tell us what the shipping amount is, one person tells us one thing and the next person we talk to says something different. When asked to email their suggested terms for resolution they will not as they don't want to be held accountable, guess they weren't listening when we told them we have it recorded on the phone or all the prior emails.

Buyers Beware. When you look at Flexsteel for their retailers SFR is not one of them, wonder what flexsteel thinks about this?

Review about: Flexsteel Leather Furniture.

Monetary Loss: $2.


San Francisco, California, United States #614564

stay away from leatherfurniturecompany florida bad business people.....


Well I'm back in town and called NVC Logistics. The gentleman indicated they are coordinating my delivery and indicates they will notify me if it will be delivered on 02/20 or 02/21 by later today. I will keep you posted. I also received communication from the West Palm Beach BBB that SFR shops never responded to their notifications of complaints. For anyone continuing to have problems with SFR Shops, I was given the following numbers by BBB as additional sources to resolve our issues:

Division of Consumer services at 1-850-922-2966 or their website at You can also try the Attorney General at 1-850-414-3990 or their website

Good Luck everyone. I'll let you know if I received my order.

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Finally my furniture arrived today, Iam sitting on it...Everything is good looks good perfect condition...Had to get alittle out side help or I don t think it would have happened. leatherfurniture company is bad buisness.

ordered october 12 2012 just got furniture today Feb 15 2013.

supose to only take up to 8 weeks, then their clause prevents customers from canceling orders. curious and hopeing everyone else gets theirs ..

to kitfox5 #613819

where did everyone go to get help? I ordered my couch and loveseat oct.

19th and still haven't gotten it!! They also quit emailing me and calling me when I told them I wanted to put the second half of my payment on my charge card!!

So far I am out 1,400.00!! How can they continue to run their website, shouldn't someone be checking into that!!!!!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #606824

Got an email this week from NVC Logistics group with tracking number. Looked up the tracking number and it says that it will be here the 8th.

My shipment also shipped the 5th. Today is the 10th.

Therefore I am not convinced yet.....

to ChiefC Phoenix, Arizona, United States #609819

Shipment arrived yesterday. The people dropped it at the door and left.

Luckily my son was able to help me inbox it and carry it in.

It doesn't bother me that I have waited from October till now to get my furniture as much as the fact that they would not take my calls and talk to me. I am assuming the warrens fro them is useless also


Got a call today from NVC wanting to deliver my Furniture Thurs Feb 14. Naturally I will be out of town beginning the 14th for a long weekend.

NVC will call me next Sunday to schedule delivery. I had a conversation with the caller. He said a large order arrived from FLexsteel to NVC mid December but they did not get orders to release the shipment for delivery until recently. He indicated he did not know what took so long for the delivery release.

One can only speculate as to why Flexsteel would not release the shipment for delivery. REGULAR COMMUNICATIN FROM SFR WOULD HAVE BEEN TRULY APPRECIATED.


Hi all well we ll see if its true I think it is...I got a call from NVC giving me a tracking number . and it looks like my furniture will be a hour away from me by Tuesday...

Feb 11 .

at that point I will get a call for delivery...I will post it when it happens.... :( :sigh


Today the NVC logistics group posted that my furniture was picked up fro SFR on 02/05 and arrived in Orlando on 02/06. I was told to expect a call within 48 hours of the item arriving in my city to schedule delivery. I hope this means I will have my furniture delivered by next week.

San Francisco, California, United States #601609

No furniture yet flexsteel has received our money but can not help us.....


I, too, ordered furniture from Leather Furniture Center and have fought with this company for three months. They promised my chair to be delivered in 4-8 weeks, which turned into over three months.

I contacted the Florida Attorney General's office and started legal action against Jason Gendler, the owner of SFR Shops. Miraculously my chair finally arrived after three months by NVC Logistics delivery. It was the worst experience I have ever dealt with shopping online. Their website looks very professional, but that is the ONLY thing that was professional about this whole experience.

I called every day, emailed, forwarded my emails to the State Attorney's office, spoke to NVC Logistics several times, etc.

DO NOT give up! I would love to take out a full page ad in USA Today exposing this HORRIBLE "company." Good luck with your situations!!


Everyone if you bought from SFR or Leatherfurniturecenter and paid with your credit card I would advise you to speak to your credit card company as that is how I was able to resolve my case. If you are being told you cannot get a refund because by ordering from their site you thereby agreed to the terms and conditions do check to see who actually billed you vs.

who sent the invoice if it is not the same company you could argue you did not have any terms with the company that collected your money. I also recommend to use the internet to dig deeper into the staff and any previous scam complaints for other companies they may be affiliated with.

The more information you have the better. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that the people who are stealing from us get what they deserve.


we to got a email stateing furniture has arrived somewhere I will beleive it when I get my logistics info to track it. If you add up all of our money just on this site alone...They ve had a good chunk of money to play with... Interest free they should be on American Greed...will post any other results

Orange Park, Florida, United States #597025

Today I received an email that my order will be shipped by the 1/28/13 and that I will be provided tracking information once it has been picked up by the carrier. I will post the outcome here


Purchased Sofa & Love Seat 10/12/2012. Received request for balance of purchase 11/19/2012.

On 12/4 Received letter they expected a delivery from Flexsteel the following week and that I could expect to hear from SFR the week following their delivery with my delivery date and tracking info. Still no word. I did reach someone once during Dec 2012 and was assured delivery would be soon . No one returns my calls or answers my e-mail in the past month.

When I google map the address for this company it appears to be a housing development with large homes. BBB rating was B when I purchased it has since changed to F.

I am concerned I have been scammed out of $2900. I have contacted the BBB and and in process of contacting Florida States Attorney office., If I locate the correct department, I will post here.


We ordered a leather furniture set in Oct. from Leather Furniture Center- 50% down and 50% on delivery.

We have now been charged the full price and no furniture. LFC will not return our messages or answer our numerous phone calls.

We are out $4474 and are initiating formal complaints.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #594366

I purchased two love seats in August. One was delivered in October and one was damaged so we didnt take delivery.

Was told they would not would send me another. They charged my credit card $3600 and I havent recieved the other flex steal love seat and they do not answer my emails or answer their phone.

Porterville, California, United States #587067

actually have seeked leagal advice . We will be starting it next week...

we ordered October 12 2012 and still nothing. I called Flexsteel my self they are trying to check into it.

But its not looking good...Never will I ever use Leatherfurniturecompany of Florida , Sante Fee Ranch shops is who took our money . They are the same


Same as everyone else. Leather Furniture Center or SFR Shops.

Same thing.

TERRIBLE to deal with. Seeking legal advise

Porterville, California, United States #583198

We are haveing same problems 9 weeks and were still waiting, They took our second payment out with out our permission. and they will not even update us, were in it $ 5300 Got one call week and a half ago.

then last week Michail Pilato called said he was at the warehouse to see if ours had arrived. said he would call me back in 30 mins ...Guess what no call no email...Nothing...This company is ruining Flexsteels image.So dissapointed I would be much more understanding if they would keep us up to date...We are about to take action.

Anyone else thats going to please contact me.Maybe we can stand together . my email is we ordered Oct 12 2012 All info from past consummers would be greatly apreciated

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #579350

Jasdea, thanks for the information. Unfortunately I didn't read this before I ordered furniture from them and am having the very same issues you wrote about.

Were your issues ever resolved? I am going to take action soon.

Thank you for responding to this.


We ordered a recliner from Leather Furniture Center and 9 weeks later still have not received it. It was supposed to be a "warehoused" item so theoretically delivery should have more timely.

We have tried repeatedly to communicate with them and NO personal responses and just one email saying the shipping company should be contacting us shortly.

Beyond great prices of an excellent brand, this company exhibits virtually NO customer service. No way would I use them again!

to josbo Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #579351

Were your issues every resolved? Did you receive your recliner?

to josbo Porterville, California, United States #583201

Josbo . Have you received your order yet.

to josbo Porterville, California, United States #583203

Jasdea what is the name of the furniture set you ordered that Flexsteel is suppose to of made. The quality in the picture does not look like flexsteel...I think I know whats going on here...I think they may be selling the flexsteel name but maybe not made by flexsteel.

I am contacting the flexsteel rep him self, having him check to see if leatherfurniture center is putting the flexsteel name on junk furniture. please email me

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